Monday, February 21, 2011

Lights, Camera, Fusion Tea Break

Versi Bahasa dibawah
The Fusion Tea lover, Fyrul A Mohd, an Oil and Gas Engineer had shared his love for The Fusion Tea. Lights, Camera, Fusion Tea Break had asked him simply Why The Fusion Tea?

Fyrul A Mohd went answering with a smile on his face...The Fusion Tea, settles, clear water the best fluid he needs almost everyday. The herbs and spices he can have in a cup is refreshing as before he had them on a plate.

Pour Clear water, Stir well, will taste great, lets settle, back to clear water Fyrul had defined the best fluid he needs for his body. The Fusion Tea in a cup gives you more absorption, once try it, you will love it. Lights, Camera, Fusion Tea Break will light up your day more with The Fusion Tea lover Fyrul A Mohd later... stay with us for what Fyrul A Mohd had more to say about The Fusion Tea.

Bahasa Malaysia Version

Lights, Camera, Fusion Tea Break melaporkan Fyrul A Mohd, Jurutera, penggemar Teh Fusion berkongsi bertapa gemarnya dia meminum Teh Fusion. Lights, Camera, Fusion Tea Break telah bertanya kepada jejaka yang gemar bersenam"Kenapa Teh Fusion?"

Fyrul A Mohd dengan senyumannya menjawab, The Fusion Tea biar mendap, air yang jernih, cecair yang terbaik yang dia perlukan. Herba yang didapati didalam cawan sangat mudah, sebelum ini dia mendapatkan herba di atas pinggan.

Tuang air yang jernih, kacau pelahan, rasa yang sedap, biar mendap pun berkhasiat, cecair yang penuh berkhasiat lagi menyerap, Fyrul merasai Teh Fusion sangat menyegarkannya. Cuba skali, pasti jatuh hati.

Lights, Camera, Fusion Tea Break akan post jawaban Fyrul seterusnya. Bersama kami di Lights, Camera, Fusion Tea Break tentang Fyrul A Mohd dengan Teh Fusion yang digemari ramai...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You feel it in your mind

You feel it in your body...whether to relax or to recharge your energy.

After a long day it's nice to be able to sit down and relax. But it can be difficult to unwind. If you're looking to relax and need a little help try these teas that promote relaxation. Teas that promote relaxation: The Fusion Tea. The Fusion Tea is a great tea to sip on in anytime a day.It's especially effective if you need a little help winding down before going to sleep. The combination of natural herbs and spices give this relaxing tea a great taste.

The Fusion Teas also promote calming during the days. Make a hot cup of this tea, sit down and feel your muscles relaxing, and your stress melt away. The Fusion Teas are made of all natural and will give you soothing feeling naturally. "A single cup of The Fusion Tea calms you with the same effect as lying on the beach".

Have The Fusion Tea with our free trial pack today, you will feel in your mind and body so the spirit of having it more grows. It quenches your thirst and leaves you fresh and joyous.
                                                          -Happy Lunar New Year-
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